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How to choose the best car accident attorney

How to choose the best car accident attorney

Nowadays, most drivers change lanes recklessly without signaling and talk on cell phones while driving. These incidences are rising because many get involved in road accidents when doing this. Therefore, if it happens that you are injured because of reckless driving, you need to make sure that you have hired a car attorney lawyer. By doing this, your lawyer will help you to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

It is essential to ensure that you know some of the qualities you should consider when hiring a well experienced and skilled car accident lawyer. Even though this is not an easy task, you should be well prepared by researching on some of the factors that will help you when making your selection. Therefore, if you are involved in a speeding accident, the following are some of the elements you should put into an account when choosing the best car accident lawyer.

The court system

poiuytrfcghbjklijhygfWhen you are hiring a car accident attorney, make sure that you pick one who understands the court system. This means that you will choose a lawyer who has enough experience. This is because if you consider a new member or lawyer to the court, it will be hard for him or her to handle some of the cases. Therefore, make sure that you hire a lawyer who comprehends the court system and ensures that he or she is ready to defend you at the court.

Great history

Before you hurry to find a car accident attorney, it is essential to do a background check on his or her representation history. After that, make sure that you analyze some of the cases he or she has presented and also check on the cases he or she has won. Also, if you find that this specific lawyer was involved in any controversial representations that led to a disqualification, stay away from such lawyers.


This is another essential factor you are required to put into consideration when choosing your car accident lawyer. It is advisable to consider a lawyer who is ready and willing to provide you with references from his or her past clients. If an attorney hesitates to give you his or her details about recommendations, make sure that you avoid or reject them.


When you are choosing an attorney, it is advisable to consider his or her experience level. You need to know the exact period he or she has been in court and the number of cases he or she has won. It is therefore required to choose a lawyer who has enough experience in your case.…

Choosing the right accident lawyer: Your sure key to justice

Choosing the right accident lawyer: Your sure key to justice

Accidents happen all the time. It could be you, your family or a close friend who got personal injuries. While an accident may cause a deep dent in your life, it should not be the last stop to all that you could do to make it right.

A good accident attorney in essex county would be the right path into seeking justice. But not everyone out there qualifies to be your legal representative. You should be aware of what to look for in the right accident lawyer. To point you in the right direction, here is what you should look for:

Specific qualification

Do not assume that every lawyer is best suited to handle your case. You need someone who has specific qualifications in the accident law. It is only your good chance to having the best representation and be assured of justice at the end of it all. Be specific in your search, and you will get the kind of lawyer with the right training and specialization for your case.


Track record and experience

Team up with a loser, and you will end up as a loser. Your intention is to win your case and make it right for yourself or family. An experienced attorney would be able to increase the probability of your win. They have been in the legal arena for quite some time. Having someone like that on your side would give you the confidence of a win. The track record is equally important since it will give you vivid statistics on your chances for a win.

Timely and excellent Communication to client

Communication is a key aspect in the legal field. You should be assured of regular and timely updates of what is happening in your case. Choosing your attorney, make sure you get the assurance of excellent communication. This would help you prepare for hearings when you have to be called in the courtroom.

Legal fee should be a consideration

You just got involved in an accident, or your family member is in the middle of it all. Money will not be flowing like usual. It (the accident) could have stopped you from going to a job, or you simply lost your job because you could not deliver anymore. Therefore, the legal fee should not further condemn you into financial crisis. Find an affordable attorney, whose interest is not all about the money but rather bringing justice to your cause.

Free consultation

ghdhdd64Even before you can hire a lawyer, he or she should be able to give you a free consultation. This is an analysis of your case and the odds of a win. This would give you a clear picture of the legal task right in front of you. It is from this initial consultation that you can make an informed decision.

It is time you carefully choose whoever you bring on board as your accident attorney. He/she could be the reason you lose or win the case. Since your desire is to see justice served, a good lawyer would go a long way to make sure that winning is a reality despite the unfavorable circumstances surrounding your case.…

Effect Of Felony Charges On Your Immigration Status

Effect Of Felony Charges On Your Immigration Status

The last thing anyone residing in another on a visa or a green card would want is to get caught up in a felony charge. The immigration authorities may downgrade your status by pegging it to a felony or non-felony conviction. This will depend on the type of offense committed, the facts surrounding the case among others. In worst case scenarios, you are deported.

However, any non-citizen convicted of aggravated felonies are subjected to harsh penalties. According to the federal law, foreign nationals who qualify as national security threats or demonstrate prior medical related issues that can pose a danger to the public are barred from entering the country. Alternatively, any non-citizen convicted of moral turpitude crimes are ineligible for deportation relief.


When can get you banned from entering a country?

  • fgfdgfdgdfgdfgAggravated felony – In immigration terms, aggravated felony covers offenses which might be taken for misdemeanors in federal or state courts. In worst case scenarios, one may even be criminalized. Aggravated felony laws enacted in 1988 were limited to drug trafficking, murder and illicit firearms and incendiary devices. To date several other offenses have made a list, they are; theft, battery, absconding court, and consensual sex with minors.
  • Moral turpitude crimes – These crimes touch on acts that violate the standards acceptable in the community. Here are some of the moral turpitude crimes; tax evasion, perjury, child abuse, wire fraud and carrying concealed firearms.

So, what are the consequences of felony convictions as per the immigration authorities? Foreign nationals committing such an offense does not result in automatic deportation. There are several factors considered by the immigration authorities. Some of the main consequences are:

Legal permanent resident

Subject to deportation an individual may be detained during the proceedings. If the individual enters the country again without permission, they can be imprisoned for 20 years. The individual might also be barred from becoming a naturalized citizen.


Any refugee without the legal permanent resident status can be deported after a criminal conviction. This also applies to those who might be in grave danger back in their home countries. Some felonies might result in your barring obtaining legal permanent residency.


Asylum seekers without legal permanent residency may be deported after committing a serious crime. This can be aggravated felony.

Non-citizens (legal)

Those non-citizens with non-immigrant visas and have a temporary protected immigration status may lose their status.

Non-citizens (illegals)

At times they are referred to as aliens. The federal government does not recognize non-citizens. For that matter any criminal act they do results into immediate deportation.


fhgfhgfhgfhfghgfFor further information on issues that might arise out of your immigration status, contact the right immigration and visa attorneys to handle your case. Different people might have their own unique set of circumstances as to why they would like to have their eligibility reviewed.

Legal expertise might elaborate the legal issues involved and exceptions that affect your visa eligibility. For those who are worried that a felony conviction might ruin their chances of getting citizenship, the best person to shed light on the situation is your local immigration attorney.…

Tips for choosing the best Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer

Tips for choosing the best Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer

When you are faced with a criminal accusation, the best action to take is to find a lawyer who can get you out of the mess. It could be a light accusation, or one that is serious enough to make you spend many years behind bars. Considering that you want to overcome the situation, and get back to your normal life, a good lawyer needs to be found fast. In Los Angeles, you can easily come across many lawyers that offer these services. They have offices almost everywhere in the city, and therefore, all that you need to do is to find one that really knows how to do things right. Here are a few tips to help
you find the best Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer.

Look for an aggressive attorney

2The justice system in California is always confusing, and therefore, you should look for an attorney that can properly guide you through it. Whether you are a resident or a visitor just passing by, you should not allow your freedom or resources to be put further at risk after being accused of a criminal offense. Instead of that, you should content an attorney that has a record in winning court cases. These victories can assure you that the attorney will give you the kinds of results that you are looking for. Whether you are accused of domestic violence, misdemeanor, or felony, an aggressive attorney will get you out of the situation.

Protecting your rights

You have to understand that an arrest for a criminal offense does not amount to a conviction. In such a situation, you still have your rights that should be observed. The usual trend is that you will be considered innocent until the justice system proves you guilty. Because of this, you have a right to talk to a Los Angeles, criminal defense attorney so that they can plan the best defense for you. Remember that when arrested, the first thing that you should be looking for is to get out fast. There should be no violation of your rights, or even the procedure during this time.

Pre-arrest and pre-trial defense

3You can get in touch with your lawyer if you think that there is an impending arrest. This way, you can tell them the whole situation and be prepared for the arrest if it happens. You also can get I touch with them if you have been arrested, and you are just about to be taken to court. Pre-arrest and pre-trial defense are very important regardless of the nature of the crime that you are accused of. They form the basis of the main defense and therefore, they increase your chances of ending up with the best services from the attorney.

During the trial, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will be responsible for challenging all the accusations that are leveled against. Their objective is to prove to the state that you are not guilty of the crimes leveled against you, and that you should be set free.…

PA State Rep. Julie Harhart

I was proud to participate in a recent press conference announcing the award of a state contract to the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) to conduct training seminars for mandated reporters of child abuse. The money for the contract was made possible through my legislation to increase the fee by $10 for those getting copies of birth certificates. This new funding streams helps fund child advocacy centers across the state, as well as combat child abuse through effort……