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D) providing good education for baby boomers. 2. D) Students performance declined. 3. D) They are mostly small in size. 4. D) Some large schools have split up into smaller ones. 5. C) their college-level test participation. 6. B) Their school performance was getting worse. 7. A) maintain closer relationships with their teachers. 8. Simplicity 9. different measures 10. tough subjects Part III Listening Comprehension �w�[݋ Part III Listening Comprehension Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 11: M: As you can see from the drawings, the kitchen has one door into the dining room, another into the family room and a third to the outside. �l_lQ!h www.HJclass.com �l_lQ!h�Q�D��e �l�}����lf�QY0www.HJclass.com W: The door into the family room isn t big enough. Could it be made wider? Q: What are the speakers doing? 0T{Hh0D) Discussing a housing plan. 0㉐g0dk��:N�{US�v�ct��0�Ndrawing �kitchen I{sQ.�͋�S�w �$N�Nck(W w?b��v�V�~ � v^���� ^gfamily room ��Y�Q'Y�p0 12, M: I m thinking about where to go for a bite tonight. Any suggestions, Barbara? W: Well, how about the French restaurant near the KFC? Frankly, I ve had enough of our canteen food. Q: What do we learn about the woman? 0T{Hh0D) She is tired of the food in the canteen. 0㉐g0dk��:N�ct��0�N�[݋-N�S�w �7uP[�sYP[�[�NZf N0R�T̑Tm� g�l g�NUO�^��0 sYP[�VT{�SKFC �e���v�l�V��S ��V:NyY�]�~�SY�NߘX�vߘir0 13, W: Hey, if you can t enjoy the music at a sensible volume, why not use earphones? I m preparing for the speech contest. M: Oh, sorry. I didn t realize I ve being bothering you all this time. Q: What is the man probably doing? 0T{Hh0C) Listening to some loud music. 0㉐g0dk��:N��:N�{US�v�ct��0�N volume �earphone �bother I{sQ.�͋�S�w�7uP[,T� PN�e�b�ϑ��v�_ؚ ��N �q_�T0R�NsYP[�QYo���k[�0 14, M: Finally, I ve got the chance to put on my new suit tonight. I hope to make a good impression on your family. W: Come on! It s only a family reunion. So jeans and T-shirts are just fine. Q: What does the woman mean? 0T{Hh0C) The man can dress casually for the occasion. 0㉐g0dk��:N�ct��07uP[�`z�eWYň�~sY�e�[�^Yu N}YpSa� �FO/fsYP[�ُ�S/f*N�[�^ Z�O �z[r�N䈌T T d`1\L� �sSz@w��asS�S0 15. M: Would you like to see those pants in brown and navy blue? These two colors are coming in this season. W: Oh, actually grey is my favourite color, but I prefer something made from cotton, 100% cotton I mean. Q: What is the woman looking for? 0T{Hh0B) Grey pants made from pure cotton. 0㉐g0dk��:N�~����0�NsQ.�͋ pants �grey �100% cotton�S�w �sYP[�`���v/fppr��~�h �l_lQ!h www.HJclass.com �l_lQ!h�Q�D��e �l�}����lf�QY0www.HJclass.com �v�w�0 16. W: From here, the mountains look as if you could just reach out and touch them. M: That s why I chose this lodge. It has one of the best views in Switzerland. Q: What is the man s chief consideration in choosing the lodge? 0T{Hh0C) Its location. 0㉐g0dk��:N�~����07uP[��N ��bُ*N�e���v�S�V/f�[ g@w^t�Xg}Y�vƉΑ �@b�N�Ng (WNN�v/fMOn0 17. M: What do I have to do to apply for a passport? W: You need proof of citizenship, either an old passport or a birth certificate and three photographs. Then you must complete this form and pay a fee. Q: What is the man most probably going to do? 0T{Hh0C) Travel overseas. 0㉐g0dk��:N�ct��07uP[��sYP[�YUO3u���bgq �sYP[�VT{�e�v�Qu�� �gqGrI{/f3u ���bgq�v@b�(u�T0 18. M: Miss, can I interest you in a pork special with serving tonight? It s only 799, half the usual price and it s very tasty. W: Oh really? I will try it. Q: What does the man say about the dish? 0T{Hh0A) It is a good bargain. 0㉐g0dk��:N�~����07uP[(W�~sYP[�cP��e��S�܃�NZf�v�NyO � �N�NR�_\ g�e��S�N��N�N0�N�0R�@b(W �_N��\O��f g�Q�_�S�N㉌T�~Ƌ�fY�v g �S0 ُ�{�e�z�W,g N�l gu�P�v͋Gl ��N�S�:N;N0FO/fvQ-N g�Q*N�w����sQ�l�day student �p���f[u�boarding student ��[�[f[u�curriculum��� z�mutual��v�N�v�nevertheless � 6q �� thanks to�Y�N�N& .0t㉆Nُ�N͋ ��[,T�R�vteSOt�O g�cGS0 Passage 2 It was a bad night for Louis. His research in the neighboring town had taken longer than he expected. It was late and he was very tired when he drove home. He turned into his building s parking lot, but all the spaces were full. He drove back out onto the street looking for a parking space. The first block was full. The next block was almost empty. Louis didn t see a no-parking sign, but he suspected that if parking were allowed there, most of the spaces would be filled. Then he saw a small parking lot with two free spaces. He was so glad to see them that he didn t even think to read the sign by the entrance. He drove in, parked, and hurried home to go to bed. The next morning he went back to the lot to get his car. It was gone. He ran home and telephoned the city police to say that his car had been stolen. It took the police only a minute to tell him what had happened. His car had been on a private lot. It had been taken away by the police. Louis had to take a taxi to the city garage far from the center of town. He had to pay a fee of $40 to get his car back. In addition, he got a parking ticket --- his first one ever in Greenville. 29. Where did Louis intend to park his car when he came back from work one night? 30. What did Louis think had happened to his car the next morning? 31. Where did Louis finally get his car back? T{Hh� Q29: A. In his building s parking lot Q30: A. It had been stolen by someone Q31: B. In the city garage �pċ�,g�{�e�z/fN,g g���v\Ee�N0Louis�_Zf_f��V�[ ��S�s��]\:S�TD�я��v\P f�MO���n�N �@b�N�N�S��_f�0R���X�vN*NW�:S�S\Pf�0FO/f�V:N�e�*YZf �Louis���l g �N�~‰�[\Pf�MOeQ�S�e�vhƋ0,{�N)Y�e N �Louis�S�sf�P[ N���N0�N�N:Nf������v@b�N �bf�0gTMb�S�s ���]�vf�\P0R�N+R�N�y�Nf�MO N ���f��[�bp��N0Louis N�_ N_f�0R �_܏�v0W�e�Sf� � �N؏�N�NZUS0 ُ�{�e�z_N�_�{US ��l g�Q�s*Y���vu͋0te*N�Q�[1\/fN�{�{�w�v\Ee�N ��S�����b �l_lQ!h www.HJclass.com �l_lQ!h�Q�D��e �l�}����lf�QY0www.HJclass.com OO�e��~"} �te�{�e�z�v�~�g1\�_nZi�N0 Passage 3 Well, to pick up where we left off last time, I believe we agreed the creativity is a mysterious idea. It's one of those things we all recognized when we see it. But we don't really understand what it is. We seem to feel that some people are naturally creative, but we don't know how they got that way. Is creativity a natural gift like good looks? Or is it something that can be acquired like knowledge? Perhaps if we analyze the creative process carefully, we might get some insight into what it is and how it might work in our lives. The creative process has always been accepted as a source of all important work in the arts. But we should not think the creativity play the role only in the arts. Every major scientific discovery began with someone imagining the world to look differently from the way others saw it. And this is what the creativity is all about. Imagining the world in a new way, and despite what you may believe about the limits of your own creative imaginations, we all have the potential to imagine the world in an absolute new way. In fact, you were born with it. It is your birth right as a human being. And what's more, you use it every day almost every moment of your life. Your creative imagination is what you use to make sense of your experiences. It's your creative mind to get the meaning from the chaos of your experiences and brings order to your world. 32: What did the speaker most probably discuss last time? 33: What is a widely accepted idea about the creative process? 34: What leads to major scientific discoveries according to the speaker? 35: What does the speaker imply about the creative process? T{Hh� Q32: D. The mysteriousness of creativity Q33: A. It is the source of all artistic work Q34: D. Creative imagination Q35: A. It is part of everyday life �pċ�,g�{�e�z����N�N{|�vR ��R0'Y�[���wS� gR ��R�vX[(W �FO/ftS N�wS�R ��R nxR�v/f�NHN0�e�z-N�c�Q� �R ��R/fNu�Oeg�v؏/fT)Y`N�_�v�gT�e�z�_�Q�~�� � R ��R/f�k*N�N�� g�v0�[ N�N�N(Wz�/g���W gSS���v!�.s �vQ�[(W�_Y͑���v�yf[�S�s-N _Nnbo�N͑��҉r�0R ��R�S�N.^�R�N�N�NN*NhQ�e�v҉�^���wNLu ���Ƌ�b0 ُ�{�e�zu͋ NY �FO/f@b����v�Q�[�k���ba�0 �N�e�z�v,{N�S݋ ��[E� N/f(W�c �� �ُ�{�e�z/f�c@wMRb��v�g*N�Q�[ۏL��meQ0pick up (Wُ̑h�:y ͑�e_�Y �,{N�S݋ 1\/f� ��c@w N!k�v�Q�[�~�~��0ُN�p/f���f�s�Qeg0 T{Hh� 57. B. bring about a drop in the divorce rate 58. C. living separately would be too costly 59. D. Falling housing prices. 60. C. It will irreparably damage their relationship. 61. D. The economic recovery will see a higher divorce rate. Part IV ��� Section B Passage 2 62. D) It profits by selling its user s personal data. 63. C) They don t know their personal data enriches Facebook. 64. C) To render better service to its users. 65. B) Formulating regulations for social-networking sites. 66. C) He doesn t want his personal data abused. �pċ� �e�z�v;N���V�~S_ N�_�S"kΏ�v>y�NQ�zFacebook ��c2�vQ\(u7bD��e�Q.U�~^JTFU0 � 'YYpe(u7bv^*gaƋ0RُN�p ��V:N�N�Nv^�l gaƋ0R*N�ND��e�v͑��'`0\O��v`�^�T�z :W^�8^��f �v^h�:y�Q��l���]�v&�7b0 Part V �[b_kXzz 67. C avoid 68. B however 69. D failing 70. C stages 71. A on 72. A predicts 73. A through 74. B and 75. B sensitive 76. D experience 77. B as well as 78. C emotions �l_lQ!h www.HJclass.com �l_lQ!h�Q�D��e �l�}����lf�QY0www.HJclass.com 79. D to 80. A inevitable 81. D receive 82. A with 83. D quality 84. B positive 85. A memories 86. B increased ,g�{�[b_kXzz ��Amherst College'Yf[Ye�cCatherine A. Sanderson@bW��vSocial Psychology NfN0;N�����N�YUOYtZZ�Y-N+Y�Y��vsQ�| ��kw�\�w�vn�NgT �r�S � (WZZ�YRR_�Y�e �fW�s�NAm ��f��cEN0W�~�bN�ksQ�|0b��[�w�v ��S�e�^S_f[ObcMO` � �v^N��f[O;N�RS�Ik0 ,g�{�[b_kXzz�Q�[v^ Nu�u ��[�N�u �� ��c�cvQ'Yav^ N��0͋Gl���g�O6q/f� �g�v͑�p0�Y72080081085086��I{ ��us^�eN�[���la�y/}b__0a`�vя͋�KN ��v:S+R0�SY؏��c�c�R͋N�N͋�v-dM� ��N�S8^��ޏ͋�vO(u0 (Ws^�e Y`N-N �Y����SAl�SsT�vY�e�e�z ��laR�gw�� ��la�y/}�N N�Q*N�eb� �v�wƋ �N�[O�S�_}Yb�~0 Part VI �SP[�ы 87. Those flowers looked as if they hadn't been watered for a long time( }Y��e��l gGm4l�N). 0�pċ0they sSflowers ZP;N� �(u���R�`0N�k�e��^(u�[b�e �looked Ǐ �S_�v�k �Tb��^�Ǐ�S�[b�e0 88. Fred bought a car last week. It is �1,000 cheaper than mine( �kb�vf��O�[NCS� Q�). 0�pċ0�{US�v�k���~ �cheaper than0 N���͑ Y car ��v�c(u mine �N�fmy car. 89. This TV program is quite boring. We might as well listen to the music ( N�Y,T,T �PN). 0�pċ0might as well N�Y ��S�S-N gmight0listen to the music �,T�PN0 90. He left his office in a hurry, with lights on and doors open( op�N@w ��_@w). 0�pċ0with �w�ZP4O���r� �;���;N틌Th��KN��v�|�R͋weu0 91.The famous novel is said to have been translated into multiple languages( �]�~�� �l_lQ!h www.HJclass.com �l_lQ!h�Q�D��e �l�}����lf�QY0www.HJclass.com ыbY�y��). 0�pċ0be said toTb�ߍ�R͋�S�W � �]�~��ы �(u�[b�e���R�` have been translated ��N͋(uinto 0 46TV\^`b��: < �="" �="" �="" �="" �="" �="" � � j l (="" *="" �="" �="" ��@b��tv"$��=""  fh��=""><>@BDF��������������hj&(����JLNPHPXZ  v x � � � � �!�!�!�!" 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